Sunday, September 04, 2011

Busy Bag Swap: Day 5 (ABC Fishing)

Name: Andrea (&Matt) Villanueva  *I figured I should include him since he did all the woodwork for the fishing poles. :)
Kids/Ages: Jackson - 3 1/2 year and soon to be William - expected November 2011
How do you spend your free time? I am beginning my fourth year as an 8th grade science teacher in Irving, so that occupies a great majority of my time. On the weekends and evenings, I just enjoy being with my boys and finding adventures and trouble to get into with them. They like to cook and I like to eat, so that's also a favorite past-time. I also like to read when I can get a moment alone. I just finished the Hunger Games triology and really enjoyed it! 
When you were a child, what was one of your favorite ways to spend your day? I always loved doing arts and crafts and playing teacher. I always wanted to be a mom too, so I'm just living the dream all around! :)
Fondest memory with your mom as a child? My mom was a single parent and always had to work multiple jobs to pay the bills, so any time that we got to spend together (especially on weekends or short vacations) was cherished. She's also the one who made the Christmas tradition (explained below) so important to me.
What does special time with your children look like? Jackson and I like to read together or play games (Trouble, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, etc). We also like to color and watch movies while snuggled on the couch.
Favorite outdoor activity with your kids? Playing with water guns, water balloons, the sprinkler, (...anything to COOL US OFF!) etc. in the front yard and drawing with sidewalk chalk on the porch.
Favorite blog for children's activities/crafts/parenting? I'm not a big blogger, so I'm just getting introduced to all of this...I love Chelsea's blog though! :)
A favorite tradition that you want to pass down with your children? Laying together on the couch and looking at the Christmas tree after it's decorated while listening to Christmas music.

ABC Fishing aides your child in recognizing capital and lowercase letters, as well as extends their learning of phonics with picture/letter match-up in a fun magnetic fishing game!
How it Works
Each kit comes with a bag of fish letters that have a metal brad attached to them and a fishing pole with a magnet. Children “fish” for letters and match them on three different templates of capital letters, lowercase, and phonics picture match-up.  Children can also say the sounds the letters make as they place them on the boards. *Be careful to supervise child in case magnet or wooden disc of fishing pole comes loose – could be a choking hazard.*
To Make Your Own: 
This projects is somewhat time consuming if you’re making several bags for a bag swap, with the majority of time being spent attaching the metal mini-brads to the fish letters. I spent approximately 14 hours total assembling 26 bags. You may want to brainstorm other ways to make the fish letters magnetic besides the metal brads if you want to save yourself some time and sore fingers.
The total for making 26 bags was around $145 ( $155 with tax), which totals approximately $6 per bag. *The color copying was the most expensive part of this project, so I would either cut back on the number of templates provided or invest in a color printer.
7 rods
3/8” x 36” dowel rods
$7.56 at Lowe’s
Cut down into 9” rods, drill hole at top for fishing pole
(4) 8 ct. bags      *32 ct. total
¾” flat wooden plugs
$6.95 at Lowe’s
Drill hole in center to make fishing pole
(4) 8 ct. bags
*32 ct. total
¾” magnet discs
$11.92 at Lowe’s
Glue to wooden disc after attaching string to pole and wooden disc
39 ft
Had on hand
Cut into 18” lengths
1 bottle
Craft glue
Glue magnets to wooden discs
(7) 100 ct boxes
Metal mini-brads
$20.93 at craft store
Attach to “fish letters” – found mini-brads in scrapbooking section
1 box of 40 ct
1 gallon ziplock bags
$2.64 at Target
1 box of 40 ct.
1 quart ziplock bags (sandwich size)
$1.89 at Target
1 ream
White cardstock
$13.99 at Staples
The smallest I could find was 250 ct.
104 copies
Color printing on purchased cardstock
$61.36 at Fedex Kinkos
59 cents per copy when brought own cardstock
26 copies
Color printing on regular printer paper
$13.78 at Fedex Kinkos
53 cents per copy when brought own paper
How to make it:
-Print all templates on cardstock. (capital letters, lowercase letters, picture match up)
-Cut out alphabet fish on the Fish Letters template.
-Print direction card on regular printer paper.
-Put a metal mini-brad through the eye of each of the 26 fish.
To make the “fishing pole”:
-Cut the 36” dowel rods into 9” lengths.
(You may also want to sand the ends of each rod if rough.)
-Drill a hole through the top of the dowel rod and through the center of the wooden cap.
-Put one end of the string through the hole in the dowel rod and knot it.
-Put the other end of the string through the wooden cap and knot it.
-Glue the round magnet to the bottom of the wooden cap.

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